Service Schedule

Rev. Dan Kendrick
Music:  Faith Halverson-Ramos



Suzanne Rouge
Music:  Faith Halverson-Ramos


Sweigh Spilkin
Music:  Gregg Hansen


Bobbie Wilson

dava money
Music:  Ariana Saraha




We anticipate having child care soon
________________Monday classes:

  "The Unplugged Mind"---- "exploring the practical application of the teachings of enlightened masters."
These include:
Mondays, 11 am
Mondays, 12 noon
Mondays, 6 pm,
Classes taught by Bobbie Wilson at
736 Kimbark, Longmont, CO


Intro to Mindfulness
Thursdays 10:00 -11:00 am
Love offering
Teacher:  dava money, ordained mindfulness practitioner
Dates:  9/24; 9/11;  9/18; 9/25; and 10/2.
RSVP to dava at 720-438-8777 or and to get location info.

Authenticity Series
: In small supportive community you practice new life/spiritual skills and support others in their journey. 11 courses are offered in the sequence in which they were developed.

Foundations of Authenticity: Deepen your relationship with self, others and God by being all that you can be in each moment.

If you are interested in being placed on a waiting list please contact dava.

Call dava money, M.Ed. for more info and to register for a course
  • 720-438-8777
Do you have a prayer request? 
Either email request or fill out card in suggestion box.  Indicate whether you want request shared with the entire community via newsletter or just with prayer team

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We are a small, vibrant community that meets in circle.
Unity Longmont Spiritual Center
Contact info: 720-438-8777

Sunday Service
children welcome
Senior Center
910 Longs Peak
Room A
Longmont, CO

  10:30 am

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