Unity Longmont Spiritual Center


Be a greeter or usher. Get to know your neighbor better before service even starts!

Help create our sacred space by setting up our altar, such as by bringing flowers.

Join us on Sundays.

Our community grows stronger when we're together.


Who We Are Called to Be

Unity Longmont is a small, vibrant community that meets in circle.  We are a progressive, New Thought community that meets weekly and hosts a variety of speakers and musicians from within both our direct community and our greater community. After our weekly inspirational talks we often have a few moments to share our responses or experiences with the circle. In this way we get to know each other and support each other. Occasional services are held in a purely community sharing format. Free community meditations are also offered on Fridays, from 11 am - 12 pm.



Our Mission

Unity Longmont is an inclusive spiritual community. Freely giving and receiving love and grace, we celebrate the divinity of all.

We celebrate spiritual community and facilitate spiritual evolution by affirming the following core values embodied in the Unity teachings and through our way of life.

1. There is only One Presence and One Power, God the Good, Omnipotence.
2. Every individual is a divine being, made in the image and likeness of God.
3. Our thoughts, words and actions create our reality.
4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation we grow in our awareness of God.
5. We practice what we know; living our lives based on these principles.